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VeruTech are experts on Automated Blood Sampling and offers complete solutions for Blood Sampling, Infusion and Microdialysis including the AccuSampler®, the PiQo™ 10, AccuSampler® Infusion Pumps, Cages, Accessories, Consumables as well as Training courses, User Group Meetings and Service and Support.

DiLab® AccuSampler®

The AccuSampler®

The DiLab® AccuSampler® is a system for Automated Blood Sampling (ABS) in freely moving animals. The system is available in two versions covering everything from small to large animals:

AccuSampler® Standard

Blood sampling on small rodents such as mice, rat, guinea pig, hamster etc. AccuSampler® Standard also offers blood sampling on larger animals such as pigs and non-human primates with the "LA" option.
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AccuSampler® µ

High precision instrument, with built-in balance and liquid sensors when small volumes are needed.
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ABS Consumables

Consumables and Accessories

In addition to our instruments for Automated Blood Sampling, we also offer all the necessary accessories and consumables for your studies.
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