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Animal Welfare

In addition to increased throughput, automated sampling also improves animal welfare. Today most of the pharmaceutical companies work actively to reduce, replace, and to refine the work with test animals – the 3R guidelines.

Several studies have shown that the animals are less stressed, and that levels of corticosteroids are less affected when using AccuSampler compared to manual sampling (Royo, Björk et al. in J Endocrinology 2004). Since blood is drawn from the animals without handling, the animals are not even aware of the sampling and can continue to sleep or maintain normal behavior.

With the AccuSampler ABS (Automated blood sampling) technique it is also possible to use the same animal for longer study periods and also to use mice instead of rats thanks to smaller sample sizes that can be taken. Both these possibilities are highly attractive arguments for improving the work within the 3R concept. IV/PO crossover studies may also be performed on the same animal.

VeruTech AB endorse animal welfare