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There's several advantages with the AccuSampler® µ:

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DiLab® AccuSampler® µ - High Precision Blood Sampling

The DiLab® AccuSampler® µ is our top of the line system for Automated Blood Sampling (ABS) in small freely moving rodents such as mice. The system, with our patented tubing system, handles small sample volumes with very high precision.

DiLab® AccuSampler®

The sampler pump with two interconnected syringes handles the blood sampling with great accuracy and precision. A patented, unique catheter design with a T-connector close to the animal, in combination with the interconnected pump, makes it possible to sample low volumes with high accuracy. The AccuSampler®µ is equipped with a removable vial tray for easy access of the collected samples. The collected samples can be cooled to a user-defined temperature down to 0°C. Every step of the process is controlled and monitored through the AccuSampler Software 2.0 built for Windows 7.

The sample vial is weighed on a built in balance, before and after the sample is taken and the sample weight is automatically determined. The blood weight is entered into the log file that is created for each process in the study and stored in the system database. The pressure sensor monitors the catheter patency and checks for blockages in the tubing. The pressure values are also logged. On top of that, the AccuSampler® µ has two liquid sensors which can determine the differences of water, air, blood or mixed solution in the tubing. With these sensors the system can auto-calibrate it-self and verify, together with the balance, that the sample is accurate.

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